From Our Farm to Your Table

Pasture-raised foods delivered to your neighborhood

Echo Valley Ranch is a family farm that focuses on producing grass fed products in the fresh country air and lush grasses of southern Ontario.

Our animals have the privilege of living outdoors with their herdmates, eat a natural diet of grass, and are never injected with any hormones or antibiotics. This ensures our cattle are as healthy as possible, and contain the maximum amount of healthy fats, proteins,vitamins and minerals in their meat.

We respect our animals, raise them with dignity, and harvest them humanely. We supply them with abundant food, shelter and protection from predators. They enrich our soils, capture nutrients from grass, and provide us with all the healthy O-mega 3's,
CLA's and a whole host of other nutrients found only in grass-fed products. 

This cycle of life is completely sustainable, does not pollute our rivers with fertilizers,contaminate our ground water with herbicides or leave antibiotic residues in the meat!

Enjoy the taste of our clean, wholesome food!